The Journey

A graduate of New York University, Howard’s professional writing and research career began at The VillageVoice where he spent a year assisting esteemed film and media critic Andrew ("Politics and Cinema") Sarris. Following his tenure at TheVoice Howard moved to Parade, America’s most widely-read news-magazine. At Parade he spent two years as Photo Researcher providing the imagery that accompanied articles, columns and cover stories that ran the gamut of celebrities, politicians, sports figures and religious leaders.

Mr. Howard's first book, Donna Summer: Her Life and Music, a comprehensive work that included interviews with producers, songwriters and intimates, offered readers an unfiltered behind-the-scenes look at the late singer/songwriter and five time Grammy Award winner Donna Summer. called the book "... a don't miss page turner that contains information that even die-hard Donna fans will find fascinating." While CD Review exclaimed "Who knew Donna's story was so varied and special... Howard has uncovered a wealth of information on America's undisputed 'Queen of Disco'." In 2013, Howard was featured extensively in the  critically-acclaimed European documentary film "Donna Summer: Hot Stuff."

Mr. Howard's second book, Blaxploitation Cinema: The Essential Reference Guide (now in a fourth printing) provided readers with a broad and sweeping overview of America's one and only African-American motion picture boom. A compendium of of more than 250 film reviews as well as Q & A interviews with actors, directors and producers, Blaxploitation Cinema is "required reading" at several universities and film schools. Film Review cited the book as "... a mine of superbly collated information... a treasure trove on an under-examined film genre," while American Library Journal observed "... truth in advertising; an essential addition to your film book library." Today, Blaxploitation Cinema: The Essential Reference Guide remains the primary source on the genre; cited in more than 60 books, magazines, newspapers, websites and scholarly works.

An Expert on American Cinema

Following the publication of Blaxpoitation Cinema, Mr. Howard became a coveted guest speaker on the genre; presenting his lectures, PowerPoints and dissertations everywhere from the Shomburg Center for African American Studies in New York City to California's UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television.

In 2011 The Brazilian Minister of Culture commissioned Mr. Howard to write a 10,000-word program, and then travel to the country to host two weeks of film screenings; first in Rio de Janeiro and then in Sao Paulo. The month-long Tela-Negra Film Festival was attended by more than 90,000 people, heavily covered in the Brazilian press, and provided Mr. Howard with a Portuguese speaking platform. 

(Back in America, Slate magazine reviewed Blaxploitation Cinema and deemed it; " of the 100 Best Film Books of All Time."

Famous People Eat Too!, Mr. Howard's third book, was a breezy collection of anecdotes culled from his first-hand experience as a part-time New York City food server. called the book "... a delicious meal packed with some sweet and not so sweet dish... " while celebrity blogger Perez Hilton exclaimed "... I always knew Jerry Seinfeld was a bitch!"

Mr. Howard's fourth book, Cher: Strong Enough, the culmination of several years of research and incorporating more than 200 interviews, shed new light on the complex life and career of the Oscar and Grammy-winning singer/actress/icon.

Howard's first association with Cher came in 2008 when he was commissioned to write the program for her two-year residency at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas (Howard's summation of her life and accomplishments remains in use on her personal Facebook page). Syndicated columnist Liz Smith (Variety, The New York Daily News) called Cher: Strong Enough "... exhaustively researched and highly entertaining... a labor of love ... " while OK!Magazine selected it as "Book of the Month" and deemed it "... an in-depth biography with heart... a definite must-read."

Best-Selling Author

On December 21, 2013, after The New York Post pulled several passages from Cher: Strong Enough and headlined their Sunday (Christmas Week) "Page Six" column with the bombshell: "Cher Hired Aid To Convince Fans She Was A Female: Book,"  Josiah Howard and Cher: Strong Enough entered the international news cycle. The "Page Six" article re-appeared in more than twenty countries--including England (Daily Mail: "Is Cher a Man?!"), Russia, Australia, Germany, Poland, France, Brazil, Canada, and Mexico. A critically praised best-seller, after a second printing in America and Britain--which included the release of the book on Kindle, Cher: Strong Enough was published in Portuguese for the South American market.

(Today, the "Cher: Strong Enough" Facebook page, launched by publisher Plexus Books, is managed by fans from around the world. Currently the site has more than 1,000 followers.) 

New Horizons
In 2014 Josiah Howard joined the cast of TV One's award-winning, ten-years-running, documentary series Unsung. His on-air commentary, critiques and observations were showcased in five episodes over two seasons. "... Josiah Howard is one of the many informed new faces currently brightening TV One's new season," observed  The author's many other TV appearances include The Today Show, Entertainment Tonight, Behind The Music and Access Hollywood. A veteran of more than one hundred radio broadcasts, Josiah Howard remains a valued behind-the-scenes consultant on African American representation in the entertainment industry.

For the past four years Josiah Howard has been a senior contributor at The Deuce and Furious Cinema. His syndicated capsule film reviews can be seen on more than thirty websites including IMDB (International Movie Database),, SolarMovie, Putlocker,, Movieberry, B-Movienation, and

Howard's recent profile of singer/dancer/actress Lola Falana, "Lola... Breaking Down The Walls" appeared in The Las Vegas Tribune and his two-part 40th Anniversary interview with Director Robert A. Endelson (Fight For Your Life) and actor William Sanderson was published in America and Britain and added to the Quentin Tarantino Archives

Josiah Howard lives in New York City. His writing credits include articles for The New York Times, Reader's Digest, The Village Voice and Motion Picture.


Josiah Howard at a book signing in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

"When I discovered the public library, I knew I was home." 


Born in New York City and raised in the Central New Jersey towns of Plainfield, Piscataway and Dunellen, Josiah Howard was an energetic child of the "three network" seventies: fascinated with the decade's most popular singers, actors, TV shows and movies.